Wholesale Distribution

The Wholesale Distribution industry is currently undergoing a transformation. The market is witnessing volatile consumer demand, supply chain visibility is becoming an imperative, and procurement processes are becoming more complex. Furthermore, consumer expectations are changing, global competition is increasing, distribution and consumer channels are evolving to omni-presence. The industry’s margins are becoming harder to maintain and product delivery cycles are increasing. Combined, these factors are forcing companies to rethink the way they are doing business.
Distributors must reinvent their business and operational models. They must utilize information and supply chain visibility to better differentiate themselves and compete. Wholesale distribution companies are now expected to streamline their supply chains, utilize digital technologies to transform their operations, and become more responsive to changing user needs. They must optimize inventory, fleets, and capacity while reaction to changing customer behaviour.
Global Experts has developed robust services and solutions to help address our wholesale distribution clients’ business challenges. We help clients streamline their processes and automate operations. We also help clients gain from their data through analytics and increase sales through mobile applications.

Our solutions address the following areas:

• Sales and marketing
• Fleet management
• Inventory optimization
• Warehouse management
• Product pricing and commissions
• Rebates, chargebacks, and billbacks
• Forecasting and replenishment
• Forecast and Consumption-Based Planning (MRP)