Change Management

  • Projects are more successful when there is a focus on the impact of change on the people and the organization. We believe that Change Management is an integral part of any transformation program or project’s success. Change Management helps manage the impact of change on people, process, and technology. In turn it has a direct impact on a project’s success and ROI. Our Change Management services, we help our clients address change challenges, streamline adoption, and transformation.
    Global Experts provides Change Management services to customers undertaking new transformation initiatives, existing projects that need improvement, and/or those looking for experienced resources to take their existing change and transformation initiatives to the next level.
  • Strong technology adoption helps organizations transform:
    We enable our clients to adopt a culture of continuous improvement. Our solutions and methodologies help organizations transition through mergers and acquisitions, technology implementations, are applicable to ERP and non-ERP engagements, across ERP platforms, technologies, and business / digital transformation initiatives.

    Global Experts’s services cover:
    • Organizational Change Management
    • Learning Services
    • Performance Optimization

    Global Experts’s Change Management solutions accomplish what others cannot. We have developed proprietary Change frameworks, readiness assessments, value realization approaches, and process evaluation and optimization solutions that help drive user acceptance and adoption. We focus on creating coherence across the organization, people, and technology to move all stakeholders in tandem to jointly work to drive a project’s success.
  • Partner with Global Experts’s Change Management experts:
    Global Experts’s Change, Learning, and Performance Practices provides customers with solutions that address the impact of change on the whole organization (employees, departments, project teams, suppliers, and end-clients).
    Our experts average more than 15 years of business transformation and ERP implementation experience across industries. This means our practitioners have experience in more multiple human performance disciplines and in more than one ERP platform allowing us to provide our clients with solutions that best fit their digital and business transformation needs.