Novartis Co.

Expert is proud to be SAP global support partner for Novartis pharmaceuticals for +15 manufacturing and distribution sites around the world.

Sandoz Co.

Expert is SAP global partner for Sandoz pharmaceutical for +12 Manufacturing and distibution sites around the world.


Ut enim possimus nihil cupiditate beatae. Veniam facere quae non qui necessitatibus rerum eos vero. Maxime sit sunt quo dolor autem est qui quaerat aliquid. Tenetur possimus qui enimExpert is supporting SAMNAN Group in Riyadh with more than 12 company codes.

Techno Bond

SAP S4/HANA is ran now for one of the biggest companies in Aluminum cladding in middle east and africa (Techno Bond) by Expert in 4 months implementation.

Heidelberg Middle East

In Co-operation with JISC (Juffali Information System Center), Expert is implementing SAP ERP solution for four companies in (Dubai, Bahrain, Oman and Jebal Ali) Heidelberg Middle East.

Suez Industrial Development Company- SIDC

Expert is SAP support partner for Suez Industrial Development Company (SIDC), Egypt.

Intercom Enterprises

Expert is supporting Intercom Enterprises in many SAP Implementation inside and outside Egypt


The Global Experts for Business Services team has successfully delivered projects at some of the biggest regional and international companies. The following is a partial list of our client engagements.

Sales Mobile Application

Expert Business Solutions has developed SAP mobile applications for sales management and cash journal

Sinai Star for Gypsum

Expert Business Solutions implemented SAP ERP EHP7 to SSG and responsible for Support and developing mobile applications.