Key Features

Request for Quotation (RFQ)

Customers can easily initiate the buying process by creating RFQs, providing an efficient way to communicate their product or service requirements.

Active Quotations Management

The platform allows customers to track and manage their active quotations, providing transparency and facilitating better communication between buyers and sellers throughout the quoting process.

Sales Order Creation

EaseTransact offers an intuitive interface for customers to create sales orders, making the ordering process simple and user-friendly. The system guides users through the necessary steps to ensure accuracy.

Customer Balance Check

Real-time visibility into customer account balances enables both businesses and customers to monitor financial transactions effectively, promoting financial transparency and accountability.

Credit Limit Monitoring

The application incorporates credit limit checks, notifying customers and businesses when credit limits are approached or exceeded. This feature helps in managing credit risk and ensuring financial stability.

Outbound Deliveries and Delivery Dates

Customers can easily access information related to outbound deliveries and their scheduled dates, improving logistics planning and allowing for better coordination between suppliers and customers.

Sales Order Status Tracking

EaseTransact provides a centralized location for customers to track the status of their sales orders in real-time, from processing to shipping and delivery, fostering enhanced communication and customer satisfaction.

Invoice Status Overview

Users can conveniently check the status of their invoices, whether they are open, closed, paid, or partially paid. This feature aids in financial planning and ensures timely payments.

Document Management

The platform offers a secure repository for critical customer documents such as Company Registration (CR) and VAT certificates. This feature enhances compliance, reduces administrative overhead, and improves document accessibility.

Electronic Payment Integration

EaseTransact collaborates with electronic payment systems, allowing for secure payment transactions. This aligns with the increasing demand for digital and contactless payment methods.

Cross-Device Compatibility

The application is designed to be accessible on various devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, providing flexibility and convenience for users on the go.

ERP Integration

EaseTransact collaborates with major ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft, ensuring compatibility with existing business processes and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Unique Selling Points

Dynamic Transaction Insights

EaseTransact offers dynamic insights into customer transactions, going beyond standard features to provide real-time analytics. Businesses gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior, enabling strategic decision-making and personalized customer engagement.

Intelligent Financial Forecasting

One of EaseTransact's standout features is its ability to leverage transaction data for intelligent financial forecasting. Businesses can proactively anticipate customer needs and market trends, fostering a forward-thinking approach to financial planning.

Adaptive Credit Risk Management

EaseTransact introduces adaptive credit risk management, employing advanced algorithms to continuously assess and adjust credit limits based on evolving customer behavior. This ensures a proactive and personalized approach to credit risk mitigation.

Automated Transaction Compliance

Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements is made easy through EaseTransact's automated compliance checks. This feature goes beyond document storage, actively monitoring changes in regulations and automatically updating compliance records.

Multi-Layered Security Protocols

Security is paramount, and EaseTransact stands out with its multi-layered security protocols. Utilizing radical encryption and authentication measures, the platform provides a secure environment for sensitive customer data and financial transactions.

Engagement-driven User Experience

EaseTransact prioritizes user engagement through an interface designed for intuitive interactions. The platform's user-centric design fosters a positive user experience, ensuring that customers and businesses can effortlessly navigate and utilize its powerful features.

Customizable Workflow Automation

Offering more than a static transaction platform, EaseTransact empowers businesses with customizable workflow automation. Users can tailor processes to match their unique business requirements, enhancing operational adaptability.

Real-time Collaboration Hub

EaseTransact serves as a real-time collaboration hub, promoting continuous communication between buyers and sellers. This unique aspect goes beyond traditional transactional platforms, fostering stronger business relationships and collaboration throughout the entire transaction lifecycle.

AI-driven Customer Insights

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, EaseTransact provides businesses with AI-driven customer insights. This feature identifies patterns, predicts customer preferences, and recommends strategies for personalized interactions, contributing to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Flexible Integration Framework

EaseTransact stands out with its flexible assimilative framework, allowing businesses to connect smoothly with a variety of ERP systems, third-party applications, and data sources. This adaptability ensures a smooth incorporation into existing business ecosystems.