Human Experience Management

  • SAP SuccessFactors and Global Experts provide innovative ways to improve operational effectiveness and culture throughout your organization.
    Global Experts are ready to provide SuccessFactors to your business. We can show you how to transform the way your employees engage internally or to help accomplish customer experience goals through standalone solutions, or in conjunction with SAP’s S/4HANA applications. Let our experts guide you through a business case, optimization strategy or readiness assessment to ensure success with your vital HR strategies. Or we will equip you with the knowledge necessary for a successful implementation.

    Human Experience is the foundation of any organization. In today’s globalized economy, human experience management has changed drastically: hiring, managing skills and diversity, knowledge, and collaboration have now become critical success factors. However, these factors no longer work in a local or regional context. Companies need to account for working with and managing a globalized workforce. These new realities are driving a shift in processes, operations, and technologies that help organizations meet these new realities.

    Global Experts provides Human Experience Management (HXM) services and solutions to help organizations transform and manage their people, processes, and organization. We utilize our years of industry-specific experience to help enterprises in their specific domains. Moreover, our team utilizes industry best practices to help organization’s better structure and manage their operations. Global Experts understands that industries and organizations are different, so we tailor our solutions and services to better align with specific customer needs. We help companies make better decisions to drive efficiency and results.
  • Global Experts helps organizations:
    • Develop, optimize, manage, and automate HR operations
    • Utilize technology to better manage human experience
    • Develop workforce planning processes
    • Plan and operational workforce effectiveness programs
    • Create and operationalize talent development programs
    • Manage cultural, skill, and knowledge diversity and enhancement
  • Our solutions focus on:
    • Personnel Administration – Time and performance data capturing and recording
    • Talent Acquisition – Role development and application lifecycle management
    • Absence Management – Administration and management of leave and paid-time-off
    • Benefits Administration – Admin and enrolment in benefit programs such as welfare, healthcare, contribution programs, etc.
    • Performance Management – Setting objectives and measuring results
    • Compensation Management – Worker payment and rewards
    • Training and Development – Improving employee skill set and knowledge
    • Succession Planning – Identifying, developing, and nurturing internal talent
  • Our Human Experience services include:
    • Management consulting & advisory
    • Process optimization
    • Implementation and transformation
    • Support and maintenance
    • Mobility
    • Analytics and business intelligence
    • Employee and manager self-service