Global Experts manufacturing practice provides guidance in such areas as revenue growth, margins, inventory, costs, investment trends, M&A, product lifecycle management solutions, customer relationship management, sales and operations, integrated business planning, and service-oriented architecture technologies.
Manufacturers strive to optimize operational processes and increase sales. The current business models are changed due to greater automation and accelerated production cycles, advances in output and manufacturing processes, changes in labor demographics, new regulations, and the expansion of the global supply chain. Increasing pricing pressures, volatile raw material costs, and increased global competition are forcing a manufacturer to rethink their operating models and plans.

With the globalization of consumers comes the need to accelerate product introduction and thus manufacturing cycles. Lead-times are being cut and supply chains are becoming global and frictionless. Companies that adopt such progressive mentalities will flourish. Global Experts helps manufacturing companies improve customer experience, streamline supply chain operations, maximize production uptime, decrease costs, and perfect the customer feedback cycle.
We offer a comprehensive suite of service and solutions across the manufacturing value chain, that include:
1. Supply Chain Management
2. Product Development
3. Smart Manufacturing
4. Service Lifecycle Management
5. Sustainability Management

We cover the entire manufacturing cycle: design, planning, sourcing, production, delivery, and maintenance, aligned with product development, sales and marketing, supply chain, and service.
Our services cover:
• R&D and Project Management
• Manufacturing enablement
• Shop floor management
• Product Lifecycle Management
• Aftermarket sales and support
• Warehouse Management
• Transportation and logistics
• Procurement
• Lean and Six Sigma
• Enterprise Asset Management
• Sales and marketing
• Spare Parts management

We split manufacturing into two disciplines:

Process Manufacturing:
1. Chemicals
2. Metal and Steel
3. Paper and Pulp
4. Building Material

Discrete Manufacturing:
1. Aerospace & Defence
2. High-Tech
3. Automotive
4. Commercial and heavy equipment
5. Transportation and movement systems
6. Consumer goods
7. HVAC and climate management