Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

The Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry is facing a patent cliff, new products are becoming difficult to invent, R&D is becoming more expensive, regulations are increasing, cost pressure is mounting, and the industry is consolidating. Simultaneously, organizations are trying to balance traditional and emerging industry segments.
At Global Experts, we are well positioned to provide our clients with services and solutions to address industry trends and challenges. We focus on helping customers transform their businesses, particularly focusing on business processes related to R&D, production, and sales and marketing.
We help drug manufacturers, distributors, biotech companies, and medical device and instrument manufacturers improve efficiency and reduce costs. We achieve this by:
1. Facilitating collaboration within and outside the organization
2. Driving process efficiencies
3. Accelerating product development and introduction
4. Streamlining decision making by leveraging patient and physician data

Areas we cover:
1. Supply Chain: Process Improvement, ERP transformation and implementation, PLM tools, enterprise compliance, lab-automation, controlled records management, and application development services.
2. Regulatory compliance: FDA, HIPAA, 21 CFR Par1 11, ISO Standards, and independent verification and validation.
3. Regulated Offshore Development Center Framework: FDA / EMEA and GxP compliance
4. Mobile Sales
5. Business Intelligence and Analytics

Over Pharma & Life Sciences expertise covers biotech, generics, API, CRO, and CMO companies.

We cover the entire manufacturing cycle: design, planning, sourcing, production, delivery, and maintenance, aligned with product development, sales and marketing, supply chain, and service.
Our services cover:
• R&D and Project Management
• Manufacturing enablement
• Shop floor management
• Product Lifecycle Management
• Aftermarket sales and support
• Warehouse Management
• Transportation and logistics
• Procurement
• Lean and Six Sigma
• Enterprise Asset Management
• Sales and marketing
• Spare Parts management

We split manufacturing into two disciplines:

Process Manufacturing:
1. Chemicals
2. Metal and Steel
3. Paper and Pulp
4. Building Material

Discrete Manufacturing:
1. Aerospace & Defence
2. High-Tech
3. Automotive
4. Commercial and heavy equipment
5. Transportation and movement systems
6. Consumer goods
7. HVAC and climate management